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10 Cybersecurity Tips for Safe Travel

By The Fullstack Academy Team

Woman looking at her phone while in the airport traveling

Cybersecurity Tips During Your Trip:

Now that you’ve prepared for takeoff, the following cybersecurity tips will help keep you safe while traveling.

1. Use secure WiFi. Be cautious about joining guest WiFi. If you connect to a public network, check the name and carefully follow login procedures. And only visit secure sites beginning with https://, especially if you are making transactions. Finally, delete cookies and clear the browser history before logging off.

2. Protect your mobile hotspot. Using your phone’s mobile hotspot is a safer alternative to guest WiFi. If you use this method, ensure your hotspot is password-protected. Otherwise, strangers can join your network and easily hack into your device.

3. Log out before checking out. Logging out is just as important as logging in. Many short-term rentals and hotels have smart TVs that allow guests to log in to their personal streaming services. Similarly, most rental cars are equipped with Bluetooth capabilities, so you can sync your phone to the vehicle. Before you leave, always double-check that you are logged out of all platforms and have disconnected any devices.

4. Don't overshare. Vacations make for some of the best social media content. However, it’s best to wait until you return home to post about your adventures. If you post on social media while traveling, disable location tracking and avoid sharing content that gives away your exact location.

5. Secure your physical device. Always keep a close eye on your physical devices while traveling. Don’t leave your phone unattended or lose sight of luggage with a laptop or tablet inside. If you leave devices in a hotel room, secure them in a safe. While actively using your device, make sure no sensitive information can be seen by others or install a privacy screen.

By implementing these 10 cybersecurity tips for safe travel, you can enjoy stress-free trips without letting your guard down. Happy travels!

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